First off that's really pushing the boundaries of the SEC and the perfect place where you can get scammed.  

I wouldn't dare invest in these new pop up companies that will promise you the moon and they don't even have the knowledge or the blueprints of building a rocket.  

I've lived through the DOT COM BUBBLE and here's the thing.

People were using the new territory as a means of getting people onboard who are uninformed risk takers.  

Those companies that try to make money from the "new thing" and that is their product, whereas those who succeeded where those who used the "new thing" to make money from their products.

Adding to the list of things I won't invest in in the crypto market is things like BITCONNECT or ETHCONNECT. 

If you didnt take my earlier warning.  

You probably got pissed when you read or heard about Texas state securities serving Bitconnect an emergency cease & desist order

Again just like most of the scam ICO's there's no product other than getting someone else to buy in.  But Hey, do as YOU CHOOse! If you feel the need to invest in them that's on you. 

As I've said tons of times


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