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Today I add another site that pay members in bitcoin.  

What makes this site different is 


LATELY, (more like two weeks)

I have been playing Soda Crush Saga which like any other game 

TAKES A WAY time I could be earning bitcoins or at a job.

As I sit here celebrating a birthday with a friend watching NFL football

(Unfortunately my Ravens lost today) I guess, I came a cross BitFun one too many times

So  I decided to to Join and see what how many satoshi I could earn playing games.

Oftentimes I find myself playing games or watching movies to relax.

Why not get paid for doing something I was always told I couldn't get paid for.

How many times have you heard You can't make money being on that game all day.

I've personally been the first to do a lot of…

You read that correct! 

There is a way for you to purchase the 2uBasic package from Bits2U.

Now this method may take you a little while BUT...

all you have to spend to purchase a bitcoin mining contract is TIME.

I view ads on Bits2U almost everyday.  

This allowed me to accumulate enough bitcoins to purchase.

You know me I'm a risk taker but I don't like to take BIT RISKS.

Therefore I purchased the minimum amount allowed (31 2uHash) for 

0.00135938 which is $8.68 at the time of publication. 

Luckily I was able to take advantage of the 15% discount offered by Bits2U.

Which game me a total of 37.2 2uHash.  

This looks to accumulate over 2,000 satoshi per day until May of…

Today I began a new journey with SwingBTC.

What is the payout minimum?

-Standard Membership:  0.0015 btc

-Valet Membership:       0.0015 btc

-Duke Membership:      0.002 btc

-Prince Membership:      0.002 btc

-King Membership:        0.003 btc

What is the payout maximum?

-Standard Membership:  0.002 btc

-Valet Membership:       0.003 btc

-Duke Membership:      0.007 btc

-Prince Membership:      0.008 btc

-King Membership:      …


These are newly joined websites that I have joined to earn Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The difference from this list to others on the internet is the websites on this page are not PAID ADS.  

I each and every one of these websites will be reviewed extensively by Mystachoo.  

Those that pass the test get added to the ELITE while those who fail are placed on the list of SCAMS.


  1. Spend a minimum six (6) months under review and
  2. Make a minimum of five (5) payments.

These Elite sites have EARNED MY TRUST!


Best Bitcoin PTC site