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If you're interested in hoarding PotCoin (POT), just like bitcoins YOU HAVE TO HAVE A WALLET!

This article will serve as an introduction to a  POTCOIN WALLET!

Now that I gotchoo started with a wallet, I will address what will probably be the next question by many of you, which is WHERE CAN I GET POTCOINS?

Well let me introduce you to the PotCoin Lotto!  I use this site every single day to increase my stash.  They offer a faucet HI-LO game and you can roll the dice to win PotCoin.

PotCoin Lotto also offer a weekly lottery (which I won last week! I sure hope that wasn't their teaser to get me hooked, but hell if so I'M…

I thought for a while about why I should or shouldn't validate my account in order to buy and or sell cryptocurrency. 

And the major reason I decided to validate my account was to assure each and every person that comes across the cryptocurrency market know I trust Coinbase.  

So when you join and exchange for yourself you can trust a fair market price for Bitcoins, Litecoins and Ethereum.

Having access to purchase larger amounts of cryptocurrency will allow me to offer larger amounts in my SHOP and allow me the opportunity to get others involved directly by being able to change dollars into cryptocurrency.

Soon I will be offering seminars and give the opportunity for new comers to learn about and buy into the market.

One thing to understand is the bitcoin "bubble" in the…