Members of The Crew help support Mystachoo in many ways.

The crew is responsible for making sure Mystachoo can continue to the give 5 STAR SERVICE his clients have come to expect on EACH & EVERY OCCASION! 

Each member of this group is also responsible for advertising and sales.  

The Crew members have the opportunity to earn:

  1. $25 for any dj service and
  2. 25% commission from sponsorship referrals
  3. 25% commission on subscription referrals
  4. 25% commission on merchandise.

+ 1 FREE Pair of ChooBlocker Sunglasses

To get started I ask each member to contribute $5.  

This will allow me the opportunity to give back to my members and make payments that much easier!  

This payment will also let me know who's serious!

For those who don't have $5 to spare, simply get your first referral and I will deduct the fee from your referral reward.

With 1 referral you could get your money back. TIMES 5!

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