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Bitcoin will pass Gold!?

It's my prediction and I'm sticking to it! 

In fact it will happen before 2017 ends.

With so many nations jumpin on board for a way to dump their dollars.

Next bumping your saving into gold, Bitcoin seems to be the next best thing


Just Like Gold & Silver, Bitcoin has a fixed number (21 Million) and will be around as long as there's the internet or some way of scanning your QRC.

Japan is the first nation who's law allows bitcoin to be classified as money

Dubai aims to be the first Blockchain - Powered City by 2020.

If there isn't a swift shift in the way people trade. 

It seems to be bitcoin and the Blockchain are leading the way.

Despite issues with a bit higher transaction fees and longer times to confirm transactions, Bitcoin is still the leading digital currency.

I can see another Great Depression coming after a flood (not water but dollars) into the US from other countries taking advantage of an easier means of trade.  And eventually faster and cheaper.

I read in an article that America has the most bitcoin ATMs available.  

Perhaps its interest in bitcoin could be to get America Great Again THE HONEST WAY!

Let's see which country will be the first to back it's fiat by this new wave in money transfer.

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