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Bits2u registration

Bits2u registration

This makes the third site I've joined today.  

Bits2U combines the ordinary Paid to Click with Paid to Promote and cloud mining.

Bits2u PTC pays 200 satoshi per ad and 10% per referral clicks.

Bits2u PTP pays 1 satoshi per visit.

For cloud mining every member gets 30 2uhash for power at sign up.

which comes out to .00002067 BTC or .02 cents per day.

I've view my first ad and will be adding the PTP link to the NEW SECTION of 

Bitcoin 101 until they prove to be trustworthy.


This looks to be one of those sites I use the profit to reinvest in.

For more sites like this visit Bitcoin 101 - Intro to Bitcoins


  • Bits2u has discontinued  its relationship with paypal.  

    I don't see this as an issue untill I cannot get my bitcoins when it's time to make a withdraw.  

This reply was deleted.

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