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I've been a member of BTCClicks since 2014.  

I wish I had this site up so I could have recorded the actual date of my enrollment.

As many of you know I am a member of several websites and my goal is to earn a savings while spending the least amount of money possible.

I don't view ads daily but I make sure to view as often as I can and I at least view four ads to make sure I'm collecting a few pennies every day.

Since I've joined BTCClicks I've viewed about 2,000+ ads and received 1.86 mBTC over nine deposits.

I've joined many websites that have come and gone.  

There's been others that have paused payments but... 

BTCClicks has been there AND PAYING SINCE I JOINED. 

Don't expect to get rich unless you have a TON of people to sign up and are willing to view a few ads per day.  

It's like picking up pennies when you see them.  

Its on you to to pick them up and save a few.

Thanks for taking time to read my review.  

I recommend joining this site if you want to earn a few mBTCs once their all mined up who knows their worth don't be wishing you listened be glad you did. Banner

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