My Open Letter to Humans

Dear demonstrators protesters marchers whenever term you use. I love this thing that I have noticed when all of these marches and protests are going on it involves movement. These in my opinion were a few one of the things that were used during the Civil Rights Movement. Not to mention one of the greatest misunderstandings was/is the term civil. Let me help you understand. You would think the term civil was referring to people of color when really civil is the equivalent to "human rights". (But that's a whole nother blog) Back to this one! Those (the marches, etc if I lostchoo) weren't very effective without a little bit of encouragement, for lack of a better term, from opposition. So here's my suggestion stop marching SIT DOWN! IM SERIOUS... SIT YO ASS DOWN! Following me real quick... Scout that PERFECT DEMONSTRATION spot. Then... Right head right on over there to any available spot you CHOOse. MAKE SURE it's comfortable and be sure to bring you a nice comfortable lawn chair or pillow that way you can SIT (SINCE MOST US AINT PATIENT ENOUGH TO STAND IN ONE PLACE FOR PERIODS OF TIME) in a single-file line, sit in some rows, you need to STAND and be organized, remember you don't have to be on your feet to take a stance. So this way he showed the good people who is going to be there to assault and do things like that give them a chance to be good it's how you show the good from the bad. Isn't it about time we do something different has more lives being lost isn't the answer. DONT LET THEM WIN. Doesn't matter colors, dont matter who Shield who were there it was legal or illegally none of that matters we are all humans. The reality of it is humans are the number one killer of humans. Ponder that.
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