Did Walter Scott REALLY Get Justice?

Last Thursday, ex South Carolina police officer Michael Slager was sentenced to 20 years in prison by US District Court Judge David Norton.


Was that enough for Walters life or ANY other life for that matter, who was lost to someone while being unarmed or armed and then lied about it during the investigation?

According to South Carolina code of law title 16 section 16 - 3 - 20- A, IT WASN'T.  The code states a person who is convicted or pleads guilty to murder must be punished by death or by a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment for 30 years to life

Blue Supremacy?

To me if he was really remorseful he would not have lied in the first place.  But I guess that's part of that blue privilege where you think you can get away with anything especially if it's for taking a life of a black man.

Phillip (host of The Advise Show TV) was apparently satisfied with the outcome of the verdict. 

Michael didn't get off with murder like so many of the others have so I can understand why.

Michael will more than likely only do 200 of the total 240 months of his sentence behind bars AND he don't even have to worry about parole.

Below is the link I mentioned in the video.


Let me know in the comments if you I think this was a slap on the wrist or were they too hard on him?

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