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First Bitcoin Revenue Share registration.

Looks like I'm on a roll today.  

This is the second site I've joined today.

This one is a revenue sharing website.   

It will be added to Bitcoin 101 but under the new addition section.

First Bitcoin Revenue Share offers four ways to get paid.

- Revenue sharing from the profits earned daily. 
- Direct sales commissions from referral purchases.
- Paid-to-click ads.
- Each Directory Ad pays 10 satoshi.
- Using ad services to generate leads to make money in your primary business.

Minimum payout is .001 bitcoin.



  • This site has been in maintenance mode for the past few days.

    It looks to be under new management and adding a new look and script.

    Let's see If the decrease in price has effect on another revenue share site.

  • Still Under Maintenance.  

    Either their doing some MAJOR changes OR they stunting! 

    I actually haven't had success in revenue share sites even with eMoney.

    This is one of the sites I never really expected to work BUT 

    You never know unless you try.  

    For now I will keep FBR on the Review list because you can't sign up anyways.  

    I will continue to monitor this site and hopefully their management get it right.

  • Today I will be adding First Bitcoin Revenue share to my scam list based on the fact it's been in maintenance mode for over a month.  

This reply was deleted.

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