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Minegate - Cloud Mining {REVIEW}

Of all the sites I've joined today, WHY NOT add cloud mining as well.

Minegate gives every new member 50 GH/s to every member.

Minegate offers a 5% commission (mining power) on referrals DAILY.

Daily profits on power 0.00003950 BTC or $ 0.04 per day.

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I must admit this is one website I use just about more than any of the rest. 

Every hour you can simply prove your not a robot then roll.

You get a minimum 200 satoshi and a chance at up to .2 BTC. PER ROLL.

+2 Lottery Tickets to enter drawing.


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BitsForClicks Payment Proof

The only thing that has changed about this site is the name.  

Other than that I'll let the picture to the rest.


Minimal to withdraw is around 16k satoshi.  

I try to make it a habit of withdrawing once a month.


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