Sleepless {MOVIE REVIEW}

Title:  Sleepless 

Director:  Baran bo Odar

Year: 2017

This was a pretty good movie.  Starts off a bit slow but once it picks up, IT PICKS UP!  

This movie features Jamie Foxx, Michelle MonaghanDermot Mulroney and T.I. (spoiler alert he dies).

What is this movie about without giving away the entire movie?  

It is about how a group of cops stole a stash of cocaine from the wrong guy.  

This led to the kidnapping of Vincent's (Played by Jamie Foxx) son.  

If i say anymore I could give away too much of the movie.  

Would I watch it again? Yes I would.  It is like a said a very good movie and I don't want to spoil too much.  What I will say tho is, "THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY SEEM" 

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