@TheSingerJoshK - Black Balloon [Mixtape Review]

@TheSingerJoshK - Black Balloon [Mixtape Review]

The name of this project I am about to review is titled Black Balloon.  

Gotta say this is my introduction to Josh K.

BB has has a total of 10 tracks featuring artists like Fabolous. 

There are a few other artists on this project I haven't heard of, YET.

Imma have to start off by saying this mixtape is NOTHING like I thought I was going to be.

The "INTRO" will grab you and let you know off top what you better expect for the rest of it.

Josh K puts me in the mind of Jeremih with a dash of J Cole. (perhaps they need to collab if they haven't already)

I almost couldn't finish this blog because I wanted to hit repeat on the second track titled, 'If you don't." 

This should be the anthem for those who are tired of people being fake with them.  

Track 3 "Ashamed" is produced by Najae.  

This is the perfect song for those good girls gone bad.  

He's speaking directly to them telling them not to be ashamed of what they've gone through.

Pevie adds a nice verse to it.

This is definitely another track I would listen to again.

"Feeling Myself" produced by C Sick is a bit more upbeat.  

It features Fabolous and he definitely strokin his own ego in this one.

In my opinion this is the first club banger on this project.

"In My Future" (produced by C Sick) is one of those tracks that'll make you think about just that

THE FUTURE! Had my head rocking the entire three minutes and twenty eight seconds.

The next track has the same title as the project "Black Balloon".

In case you didn't catch it in the intro Black Balloon is a track as Josh would say is something for your cerebral.  

He's talking to men and women in this one telling them to look deeper than on the outside.  

It's definitely something that'll make ya "PONDER"

"AFTR" is produced by Cashmoney AP.

This one is for the ride or die!

It's all about those who change when they get ahead.

Lawd knows there's a lotta them out there just "Along For The Ride"

I'm eight tracks in and I haven't heard a song yet that I would skip. 

With help from Shorty K this song (produced by C Sick) tells you to make sure you "Secure The Bag" before you go chasing these hoes.

(And yes there are Men Hoes, too!)

CC produced the next track titled, "In My City". 

This is one of the more gritty songs on this mixtape.

It's talking about the snakes in the grass.

I'm sure everyone reading this is living in a similar city and/or situation.

I wouldn't expect this project to end any other way.

It's talking to those ladies who only want love but can't find it and a few other things women want.

Featured on this track is Safaree produced by Lytton Scott and titled "Wanted".

I like the message but LOVE THAT BASS EVEN MORE!

All and all I like this mixtape it's definitely something I would listen to again. 

Although I only found one track "I" would consider a CLUB BANGER that doesn't take away from this project one bit.

If still have a cd player in your car this would be something your would leave in there.

It's available on the livemixtape app or website (and of course I downloaded it to my app to bump later).

I also clicked that Star and added a point to it's score to bring the total to 60 at the time of writing.

Good Job Josh K you've earned another fan.

I look forward to your next project and will be bumpin this one until then.

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