Why I Invested in SHOM.

First off let me introduce you to the Southern Home Medical (SHOM) company.  As stated on its homepage SHOME is an online platform that will deliver quality healthcare direct to patients’ homes and beyond.

According to its website, 

Southern Home Medical Inc. provides an alternative to doctor’s office visit and urgent care facilities. Patients see doctors in the comfort of their own home. The online platform along with mobile application will allow patient to find doctors, schedule appointment and a host of our features from the comfort of their home of office.

The major reason i invested in SHOM is the room for growth with little initial investment.  

If there is anyone into stock and they tell you they're not in it to gain money, THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!

Every investor is into investin TO MAKE A PROFIT!

CLICK HERE to see how I got the money to invest in SHOM andI didnt spend a dime that wasn't already invested! 

When I first began doing research on SHOM the first article I came across was about how SHOM is about to expand into the markets of CHINA and ASIA.  Now couple that with the fact that the goal of SHOM is to make it easier to give and receive medical help.

With all that's going on with health care SHOM is making the medical field a little easier to operate.

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