Da Wild Child Mixtape Volume One Hosted by Mystachoo + BONUS
  1. Intro
  2. Gunned Down ft. Low Key and Big Paper
  3. Young Yodi Shout Out
  4. Hit Em Up
  5. Nutz Hang Low
  6. My Time To Shine
  7. Freeza Boy Shout
  8. Patiently Waiting ft. Freeza Boy
  9. My Thrown
  10. 24's On My Feet
  11. J.R. (of Headz N Tailz) Shout Out
  12. 9 Screens
  13. Ballaholic ft. Young Gutta
  14. Handz Where Ya Toez Be
  15. In These Streetz
  16. Special Thang
  17. If You Want It
  18. Tear This B!tch Up
  19. Real N!gga Certified ft. Benz and Fatty Soprano
  20. It's On ft. Tony B
  21. Cuzo Speaks
  22. Stick Em Up
  23. Sneek Shout Out
  24. Only The Strong Survive
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