I have ALWAYS been told to save my money...

yet no one told me how OR that the dollar loses two percent of its value EVERY YEAR!




I started a journey to find ways to earn income online a while ago which turned out to be a good and bad thing.  

The good part is I found ways to do just that.  The bad part is It took up too much of my time with little or NO income.

Then I came across this thing called Bitcoin.

Had I invested 100 dollars when I stumbled across what I and most other doubters thought was it was fake money. 

One Bitcoin in 2013 was $50.  Had I bit my ego and bought two with a measly $100 well at the time I published this the price well you do the math.

I hope that by you reading this most of you know that I would NOT recommend something unless I 1000% believe in it.


Now here's the thing...

I believe that the world today is going through the exact same period it did when the world was taken off the gold standard.

I also believe the hemp and marijuana industries will save America the same way alcohol did when prohibition ended.  

It is my hopes that I can help as many people as I can not only save but diversify their saving as much as possible

so they will not feel the effect of those who only held gold when the USD became supreme.



Here's HOW to get started in 5 EASY STEPS.

STEP 1Create a Blockchain wallet. 
STEP 2BUY SOME BITCOINS or find some sites to join and get some free. 
(Lucky for you I've tested a few)*
STEP 4. Share Your Referral Links to get referrals


*Keep in mind there will be other offers on these sites. I ONLY RECOMMEND SITES ON MY ELITE LIST OF OPPORTUNITIES

Here's a few videos to getchoo started

Basics of bitcoin

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This bitcoin animation tells you the basics of bitcoin and why we think it's such an important innovation!


Bitcoin is the first decentralized monetary system, which is hosted on the web by regular people.

It's based on an open source computer program that hundreds of thousands of people are running on their computers. These computers, often specifically built for bitcoins, are executing challenging cryptographic calculations by which a public ledger of all the bitcoin transactions is kept.

Bitcoin removes the need to use third parties, like banks or credit card companies, in monetary transactions. That means not only cheaper and faster payments, but also more financial freedom as governments or banks can't freeze the funds of citizens for political or other reasons.

The number of bitcoins has been limited from the beginning so that there can never be more than 21 million bitcoins. As a result, many believe the value of bitcoins will rise when more and more people start using them. Bitcoin has indeed been possibly the best investment of the year because it's value has gone up thousands of percents. Bitcoin has also become the most valuable currency in the world in just a few years.

When traditional central banks print large amounts of euros and dollars, inflation occurs in which the value of existing money decreases year by year and the prices in shops keep getting higher and higher. Bitcoin on the other hand is practically a deflationary currency. Deflation constantly increases the value of money, thus discouraging unnecessary consumption and the taking on of debt, whilst encouraging saving. The longer you can wait with your purchase, the less bitcoins it is likely to cost you.

Most people would rather teach their children to save money for purchases instead of using large amounts of credit. It is common sense to prefer a monetary system which rewards saving instead of debt.

There are three different ways of getting bitcoins:
-You can buy them from bitcoin exchanges and directly from other people
-You can exchange them for goods and services
-Or you can mine them yourself with a computer

It's worth mentioning that mining has become more and more intense because of the huge growth in miners and improvements in their hardware. That has led to bitcoin network becoming the most powerful computer network in the entire world, which makes attacking it very difficult.

Many people believe that bitcoin is about to disrupt the monetary system in a similar fashion to how email changed the way we communicate. It's a technological masterpiece and a demonstration of how smart technology can solve problems that once appeared impossible to solve.

You shouldn't simply believe this video though, because that wouldn't be smart. Read more about bitcoin in Wikipedia and other sources and study the system carefully yourself. Many people that have started out skeptical have been surprised by how brilliant the bitcoin system is.

Bitcoin is more than just a superb way of transferring money and storing value. It's a new kind of protocol for storing distributed information in a reliable manner. It's the thought of having a transparent monetary system based on pure mathematics instead of politicians and bankers.

Bitcoin is about to change the world, because it's an idea whose time has come.

Video courtesy of FasterTutorialsCom

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