Jonesboro Kappa League Party - DJ BOOTH SET UP

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This is a view of what's BEHIND the Facade.

This Set Up features two 15 inch Peavey SP2 speakers powered by a PV1200 amplifier.

To control the audio I used a Reloop Terminal Mix 4 all hidden behind a two panel facade (I actually used my four panel but only two were visible.

For kicks I decided to hook up my projector and test out my videos.

For visual effects I mounted five PAR lights about 7 feet in the air on truss.

Of course you know the cordless microphones were on deck and I got to test out my BLUE LED GLOVES. I liked them but I got bit carried away and messed up my middle finger on the right glove. GOTTA GET THAT FIXED!

I do plan to get a few more pair or find one with all colors.
Who know's stay tuned and make sure your at my next event to see what other visual tricks I pull out my sleeve.

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